Kessowjee Naik Fountain

Kessowjee Naik Pyaav, built in 1876, is one of the largest Pyaavs in Mumbai and has several unique features. It acts as a clock tower to the neighbourhood alongside being a drinking water fountain to pedestrians. Its elements are built in three different stones namely black basalt, red sandstone, and Porbandar stone. It was restored in 2014 through the efforts of the local community. The restoration of this Pyaav included extensive repairs to the stone edifice to get rid of vegetation and layers of incongrous additions. Stone surfaces were delicately cleaned to reveal the variety of materials and intricacy of its sculptural elements. This was a pioneering conservation effort towards the water-heritage of Mumbai, which was followed by restoration of other fountains in the city. The Pyaav now stands as a dominant shared public space, in the bustling locality of Bhaat Bazaar, whilst providing potable drinking water to the horde of workers, residents and shop owners around. It is part of the Heritage Pyaav circuit of Mumbai.

Kessowjee Naik Pyaav