Kothari Pyaav and Kabootarkhana

 This Pyaav was built by Devidas Purbhoodas Kothari in the year 1923 in memory of his daughter. Pyaavs were one of the primary sources of water for busy junctions in the city when tap water connections were absent. Kothari Pyaav had fallen prey to encroachments and neglect before 2016. It was thus reinstated to its original function and glory in 2017 by the MCGM. Cleaning and repairs to the stone edifice and sculptural elements along with reinstating the water supply, were the key aspects of conservation. This involved reworking the water engineering system to suit current requirements. The original character of the Kabootarkahan was also restored in the form of its cast iron railings and bollards. Remains of the stone pedestal for the gas lamp were used in an installation which depicts the culture and memory of 'lamp lighters' in the city. Addition of QR codes on the information plaques, allowed for multidisciplinary information to be accessible to a visitor on webpages and social media. This is part of the heritage Pyaav circuit in Mumbai.

Kothari Pyaav Kabootarkhana