Production Design

Concept visualization for theme based production design for feature films
An extensive database and glossary developed through historical knowledge of Indian history, mythology and culture has led us to venture into the field of concept visualization for the celluloid medium.
This unique expertise was effectively exercised into interesting film projects namely Kunal Avadana (to be released) and Aladdin (released in 2009). 
‘Kunal Avadana’ depicts the architectural richness of Gupta Period through fact based historical imagination. The Film script was conceptualized by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, an eminent director who holds mastery in Indian historical subjects. The hallmark of this project is a hundred pillared hall which is designed for multiple shoots creating indoor and outdoor spaces. 
‘Aladdin’ is a modern day fantasy take on the Aladdin Tale, directed in out of the box manner by director Sujay Ghosh. The production designer Sabu Cyril very effectively used our skills to bring alive a fantasy land of ‘Khwaish’ where the story of Aladdin takes place. The intricate and elaborate illustrations of each and every set design ranging from small furniture elements to an elaborate building where the historical and architectural knowhow was developed into a very unique and intriguing film set.

Kunal Avadana